Help The Outsiders

The Outsiders successfully raised enough money to buy a tour bus. This year they are raising money to buy themselves a trailer to take all their equipment on their 2016 tour! Donate to their local giving page

The Outsiders

The Outsiders are a band made of talented musicians, singers and performers who all have learning disabilities. They are a cover band which cover pop and rock songs and have also created a few songs of their own. They are due to release their first ever Album in summer 2015 called “Inside Out”

The band have performed to a wide audience group and throughout Yorkshire on many occasions such as private parties, cropconferences, festivals and their own shows

The Outsiders always receive a great response from their audience; they get people up dancing no matter what the occasion. The Outsiders are always keen to play so if you are looking for a band for an event or an occasion please get in touch.

The Outsiders also play at the Beat It Night on a monthly basis in Leeds. On the first Thursday of every month.

The Outsiders Documentary By Leeds Student TV:- Produced and edited by Kerry and Heather