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The Outsiders are raising money to create a music video and new album. If you would like to see this happen please donate to their local giving page

The Outsiders

The Outsiders are a band made of talented musicians, singers and performers who all have learning disabilities. They are a cover band and have also created a few songs of their own including “Rock Jam”, “Andrews Rap” and the brilliant “Look You”. They released their first album in summer 2015 called “Inside Out” and are released their second album in summer 2016.

The have held fundraisers to buy their own tour bus and trailer throughout 2015 and 2016 and successfully received funding from the Arts Council to go on their own tour around the UK.

The band have performed to wide audience groups throughout the UK on many occasions such as private parties, conferences, festivals and their own shows.

The Outsiders have a range of merchandise which can be bought on our online shop on the website. 

The Outsiders are crowdfunding to bring out a new album and create a music video! Please donate and you will receive a thank you gift from The Outsiders! 

The Outsiders Documentary By Leeds Student TV:- Produced and edited by Kerry and Heather