Help The Outsiders

The Outsiders successfully raised enough money to buy a tour bus. This year they are raising money to buy themselves a trailer to take all their equipment on their 2016 tour! Donate to their local giving page

The Outsiders

The Outsiders are a band made of talented musicians, singers and performers who all have learning disabilities. They are a cover band and have also created a few songs of their own including “Rock Jam”, “Andrews Rap” and the brilliant “Look You”. They released their first album in summer 2015 called “Inside Out” and are due to release their second album in summer 2016.

The band have performed to a wide audience group and throughout Yorkshire on many occasions such as private parties, conferences, festivals and their own shows and now they are going on TOUR around the UK!

The Outsiders also play at the Beat It Night on a monthly basis in Leeds. On the first Thursday of every month.

The Outsiders are holding Auditions! Get in touch if you are interestedguitarist-audition-flyers



The Outsiders Documentary By Leeds Student TV:- Produced and edited by Kerry and Heather