Aarron’s Experience


“It has been a great so far, meeting new people and doing other activities on festivals. Getting great audience participation meant everyone joined in played the part.”JGP_1903

Performing in front of crowds gives me a buzz. I feel energetic. There have been good memories at times looking back at strawberry fair festivals videos. They were good and funny.

“One of my favourite parts of all time was the rave at Cambridge. They played good upbeat music, which made it easy to dance to.”

My second favourite part of the festival was doing the workshop. We did call and response. This is someone plays a beat and the other responds to what the other has played. This is like mirroring each other. Also in the workshop, we did a jam. One person did the beat and then they all filled in with his or her own to match it.  This was a nice and relaxed session.

Another favourite part of Cambridge was the crowd


that danced to the songs. Songs such as the benefit one – Look You and Rock Jam. This made me feel happy.


Since 2011 I have made friends with Sarah, Lorraine, Andrew, Rob, Steven, John and Paul.

I felt excited to go to the Cambridge tour having fun and laughs. Another of my favourite part was having a look at the stalls with the other members of the band.


The days that we do, rehearsal is on Saturdays. The first thing we do is set up. I set up the drums with Sarah which takes me round about five or ten minutes maximum. We do vocal warm ups to start then I help with the sound check by testing the drums or the microphones. The rehearsals are songs for the gigs. Sometimes we have discussion how the gigs went. If there are things to improve on we talk about we can make it better for next time.


I wanted to play the drums at a gig and this dream came true. I played at the Halifax gig, which helps me manage stress and helps me with my emotions and feeling.JGP_3241

“My next goal in the outsiders would be to play as a band abroad. Somewhere hot, not too hot, not somewhere you would burn like toast. “


I feel more confident because of the band. The outsider has taught me new things such as playing a base guitar. Liz is my manager taught me the chords that helped me to play in time with the other instruments. I am mainly on the drums now, which I prefer to play.

Closing statement to Aarrons experience so far

“It hasn’t closed yet it is still open. I hope that I am apart of tours that are to come. I hope that we are asked to go back to the festivals to perform again. The outsiders have changed my life as it inspires me as I meet new bands and vocalists. I met the Kaiser chiefs in rehearsals in Leeds. I like the Kaiser chiefs music and I inspire to be like them.”