Band Members

Aarron crop

I am a singer for the Outsiders. I have been singing since I was young at parties. I have been in the band for 3 years. My inspiration is David Beckham. I enjoy everything about being in a band as everyone is very friendly and very supportive. It’s awesome and joyful. Were like a little family. I’ve made a lot of friends whilst being in the band and going on gigs. I would like to play the drums at a gig and I would love to play at Glastonbury!


I am a singer for the Outsider. I have been in the band for 3 years. I love singing and it is very exciting to play at gigs. I was shocked when I started with the Outsiders however I have now made many friends. I find happiness in singing and music. I want to sing at music festivals

John G 

I play the saxophone for the Outsiders. I have been in the band since the start. I love playing the saxophone. I have played it for a number of years. I felt good when I joined the Outsiders. Nerves can get the better of me! I feel more confident playing the saxophone in front of people.


I play the bass guitar for the Outsiders. I have been in the band for 3 years. I like meeting new people and making new friends. There is nothing better than rock and roll jam! I felt great when I joined the Outsiders and I have made more friends. I love the Photo shoot 2014 (21)thrill of playing at gigs.


I am the lead singer for the Outsiders. I have been in the band for 4 years. I love singing. As a singer I aspire to Denis Brown. I like to get the crowd going. I enjoy the rehearsals and everything that goes with being in a band. I love the atmosphere and the friends I have made. I want to learn more music and new songs that I can perform to audiences at gigs and festivals.


I am a guitarist for the Outsiders. I have been in the band for 2 years. I have had a lot of experience playing the guitar. I enjoy doing the variety of things that come with being in the band and I love playing new songs. When I joined the Outsiders I felt brilliant. I feel like I can express my feelings and tell jokes however I need to be careful about what jokes I share with people! I have made lots of new friends and I am very proud of what the band has achieved. I want to do more intros on new songs.


I joined the band in July 2015. I have always wanted to be in the band and have been to two auditions and was successful in my second one. I am over the moon and performed my first gig at Bradford Beat It Night on the 23rd July 2015, I was so nervous but I really enjoyed myself and cant wait for all the new adventures I will be heading on with the rest of the band members!

With the support of

Liz Leach – Mentor

Nigel Murphy – Mentor

Amy Sowerby – Mentor