Sarah’s Experience

At The Beginning14068275_668996946582536_489204315116921959_n

I started following The Outsiders when they did their first gig at the Carriage Works in 2009. I instantly wanted to be a part of the band. I auditioned three times to be a band member. I finally got in!
I became a band member in 2015.


I have loved every part of being in the band; my best part of being in The Outsiders is going on a UK tour. I have enjoyed all the gigs that I have performed at. The festivals have been brilliant with Lorraine, Aaron, Paul, John, Liz, Nigel, Rob, Andrew and Amy.At Green Gathering we decorated our Outsiders t-shirts to make them look more colourful also some of us got glitter on our faces too and me and my sister got a braid in our hair.


My goals are to gain more confidence on stage and talk to the audience a bit more. I also want to be able to help set up our drum kit when going on tour and to be able to help out the other members more. I also want to do more DJ-ing at the Beat It Nights as I really like DJ-ing.

My goals for the outsiders is still be together and to go on tour abroad somewhere hot.

I have learned to sing and perform since being a part of The Outsiders.
The Outsiders are all my best friends and I love spending time with them. I get excited when I see the Kaiser Chiefs at The Old Chapel where we rehearse.13668785_10154372371389973_5023216983563540249_o