About Us – Musicians with disabilities

About Us And How We Started

The Outsiders are a group of musicians with disabilities, which came about after holding auditions at Host Media Centre in Leeds during December 2009. From the Auditions 10 people were selected to join the project called Let Rip.  This project was made possible thanks to funding from NIACE and the Transformation Fund. Let Rip was a three month project focused on creating an opportunity for musicians with disabilities to come together to form a band.

The first rehearsal was held on the 16th January 2010 and from that first session the band members have gone from strength to strength.  The talent of the band members shines and through one to one tuition, coaching and opportunities to perform the band members are unleashing their full musical potential.

Since then The Outsiders have performed at many different venues. The have raised money to buy their own tour bus and trailer. They also received funding from the arts council to be able to go on their own tour around the UK throughout 2016. The Outsiders have also brought out two CD’s called “Inside Out” and “The Outsiders Within” among other merchandise which they sell at their gigs and through the online shop on the website.

So watch this space for many new opportunities that The Outsiders might come across…

If you would like The Outsiders to perform at an event please get in touch to discuss a quote.