When Wahid Visited The Outsiders

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When Wahid Visited The Outsiders

I attended my first Outsiders rehearsal with low expectations of what turned out to be an amazing group of people as well as a great band. My pre-conceptions of the musical abilities of the band proved to be well and truly eradicated as the rehearsal for each song sounded exactly like each original song being rehearsed. I had warmed to the band and struck a good relationship with each and every member. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and had a lot of fun.IMAG2492[1]
The promotion of social inclusion and social activities within the supposed ‘marginalised’ groups of society was very encouraging to see. The Outsiders are a band of individuals that receive a personal budget and have pooled their money together to set up a band that has been running for 4 years now. The success of the band can be reflected by the number of gigs that the Outsiders perform at. The end of the year is a busy time as demand and the bands reputation has grown over the years. The outsiders are playing at Bradford College on the 12th of December. As I study at Bradford College, expectations of the band have grown as I have informed my peers and colleagues of how good the band is! Members of the band come from different backgrounds with different learning disabilities however the sheer collaboration and co-operation between the band members was inspiring. It was this very aspect that shaped my experience into a very enjoyable day. This aspect also promoted core values within the social work profession such as; diversity, inclusion and recognising the role that identity plays within such experiences. The approach to the rehearsal itself was person centred and based around the bands needs and the type of songs they wanted to play at their gigs. Every person’s needs were met throughout the day in terms of practice and support with their role in the band. The Outsider’s themselves, eliminated any label that society may have given them by expressing themselves to a great extent through music and the formation of a very successful band. Each individual was seen as an individual in their own right which had a knock on effect on the bands performance. Despite me attending for the first time, I was welcomed with open arms to a truly awe-inspiring group of people. I am not a musical person however the time spent at the rehearsal allowed me to gain knowledge on music in a fun way.

Each member of the Outsider’s played their respected roles within the band to such great lengths. The band itself did not want to exclude me or see me in a different light therefore I was encouraged to play the drums and various other instruments. The bands success has recently allowed them to record an album as well as excelling themselves to perform at festivals. Just another journey on their ever growing adventure. Each and every band member incorporated humour into the rehearsal. I had never laughed so much in my life! It was as though I had been to every rehearsal and the members knew me so well. The humorous nature of the band made it all the more enjoyable. This experience was very enjoyable and I look forward to working with the Outsiders throughout my time at Imagineer.